Safety at Work

Safety At Work is a VR program which teaches users how to better interact with people with disabilities, through a series of scenarios.

State Machine Nodes

Scenario Nodes
To control the flow of the scenarios we used a state machine. I created a tool to edit the state-machine based off of xNode.

Nodes in action

For the statemachine, I built custom inspectors which let designers set up logic for the flow of the scenarios. As well as other tools to help the designers with their tasks. The majority of my time on this project was working on this node system.

Node Inspector Custom node inspector in action

Pause Menu Example of a 'Goto Node'

Pause Menu A Wait node being toggled on and off

Physics Pausing

Another interesting problem I had to solve was the ability to pause the scenarios. Since the VR system we were using, had all of it's intereactions be physics based, we had to find a system where we could pause any object in the scenario, but keep the player updating so that they can interact with the menu. To solve this whenever the player would enter the pause menu I would run a second physics simulation which would allow the player to continue interacting with menu items.

Localised Physics An example of two seperate physics simulations running at the same time

Pause Menu Pause Menu in action


Developed at EMD Studio (Swinburne)

  • 2019 - 2021


Pipeline Tools - Joshua Reason
Lead Developer - Adam Carr
Developer - Jordan Cook-Irwin
Narrative Design - Haydon Bakker
Lead Artist - Casey Dalbo
Character - Casey Richardson
Motion Edit - Zara Jackson
Motion Edit - Stephen Jeal
Audio Design - Weaver Audio