Running Blind

'Running Blind' was made for the Global Game Jam in 48 hours. The game was made in Unity by a team of Four. The objective for this GameJam was to keep the games scope small so that we could spend more time on polish and level design.
I was one of two programmers on the team and I focused primarily on the Visuals and the input controller.

Visual effects

To do the 'blind' visual effect, I used two Cameras, one which rendered the back ground and one which rendered the foreground. I then used some screen shaders to apply different effects to the different cameras and then combine them into one output. Working this way, meant that we could use any shader/material for each of the Game Objects which meant for faster iterations times during the game jam, since the artists could apply any material to their game objects without worrying if it was compatible with blind effect shader.

Levels & Death

My other main job was to make sure that the different elements in the Levels all interacted with each other.
For the level creation we used Unity's 2D Tilemap tools, sprites were then drawn to different GameObjects depending on the way they interacted with the player. Objects which needed to move independently of the grid were drawn using a Sprite Renderer in their own Game Object. By drawing sprites with the same interactions to the same Tilemap GameObject we didn't need to turn each sprite into a prefab with it's own scripts. This meant we could more easily iterate though designs and errors were easier to debug since there were less places they could occur at.


Running Blind was made in 48 hours for the 2022 Global Game Jam