Chuck's Day Care

'Chuck's Day Care' was made for the Global Game Jam in 48 hours. The game was made in Unity by a team of seven.
I was one of three programmers on the team and I focused primarily on the multiplayer implementation of the game.

Multiplayer Implementation

I used Unity new Input System so that we could easily support any number of players without needing to manage different controller types.
To deal with scene changes, the Input controllers were stored in an GameObject which was persistent between Scenes and raised Events which the objects in the scene subscribe to as needed.

Join Screen

The Join Screen was designed around the idea that any number of players could join. Players are given 10 seconds to press a button on their controller. A reference to that controller is stored and the player is then assigned a random color.
So that players can identify themselves before the game starts their character wiggles slightly whenever a button is pressed.


Chuck's Day Care was made in 48 hours for the 2020 Global Game Jam